体育在波士顿很受欢迎,这并不奇怪! 这座城市是美国职业棒球大联盟最古老的球队之一的所在地, 全国最成功的足球队之一, and an NBA team that has brought home more championship wins than any other.

不管你支持谁, one thing is certain: no one wants to struggle with transportation on game day. 这就是买球推荐软件app排名的用武之地. 我们专注于舒适无压力的团体旅游, and our big network of motorcoaches lets us connect every 粉丝群 with the perfect ride. 所以不管你是打算跟你的 粉丝群 或者和你的 青年队, 你会有足够的空间伸展身体, 通过机载WiFi浏览你的社交动态, 看电视上的宣传视频, 并享受前往波士顿这些顶级体育场馆的旅程:



Fenway Park is one of the city’s most popular destinations—and for good reason. 这是美国职业棒球大联盟中最古老的棒球场, bringing in thousands of Red Sox fans and baseball history buffs alike every year. 虽然大部分1912年的建筑仍然存在, new additions to the stadium grounds include Yawkey Way: a pedestrian shopping plaza adjacent to the stadium that hosts live music before games.

和你最喜欢的体育迷计划一次聚会? 让它成为一场他们不会很快忘记的比赛,在芬威公园举办! The ballpark offers 11 rentable venues for private events of all kinds—including birthdays and 公司会议. 这些空间可以容纳20到20人,000人,全年可预订, 即使在棒球赛季. Venue rental packages through Fenway Park can include customizable add-ons like photo ops with the Red Sox mascots, 客人可以进入现场, 步行参观这座历史悠久的体育场.

说到, 全年都可以进行徒步旅行, three hours before game time during baseball season and between 9 a.m. 还有5p.m. 在大多数非比赛日. Your tour guide will show you Fenway Park highlights such as the Green Monster (the tallest outfield wall in the league), the Long Red Seat (the spot where Ted Williams landed a 502-foot homer and broke through a fan’s large straw hat), 和更多的. Groups of 12 or more can even take advantage of discounted tour rates when they reserve in advance.

Parking near Fenway Park and in the surrounding neighborhood is very limited: combined, 周围的地块只能容纳4人,150辆汽车. We recommend saving your Sox fans the hassle of getting to the game or your next event by renting a private shuttle service to and from the park. That way, no one has to circle the Fenway neighborhood in search of the perfect spot—a 专业的司机 能帮他们处理所有的物流吗!

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿泽西街4号02215

包租巴士停车场: Some of the Fenway Park lots allow oversized vehicles, and spots can be reserved 在线 比赛前. Just ensure your bus driver knows to approach the ballpark on Brookline Avenue rather than Storrow Drive, 禁止大型车辆.



坐落在查尔斯河上, this West End complex is where you can watch Boston’s major league basketball and hockey teams play on their home turf. 在淡季, 这19,000-seat venue is also a popular spot for the city’s biggest concerts, 过去的演出包括枪与玫瑰乐队, 仙妮亚·唐恩, 还有肯德里克·拉马尔.

至于让步, TD花园提供标准的体育场票价-汉堡, 热狗, 还有足够的啤酒供大家喝. If your group of spectators doesn’t want to spend a lot of time standing in line for food, there is an in-seat ordering system so you can pick up your grub during halftime or your least favorite song.

在比赛或音乐会之前有时间打发吗? 在第五层和第六层, 你会发现体育博物馆, which boasts nearly half a mile of exhibits celebrating Boston sports, 他们的历史, 以及这些年来塑造它的人物. 博物馆的公众参观每小时在上午10点结束.m. 还有3p.m. 大多数日子里. 但如果你的体育迷想要更独特的体验, custom tours with the curator are available and can cover any aspect of Boston athletics that piques your group’s interest—from their favorite local legends to a specific decade in history.

地址: 100传奇路,波士顿,马萨诸塞州02114

包租巴士停车场: The closest coach-friendly parking zone to TD Gardens is located on the

Central Artery, behind the Hard Rock Café and the south side of the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Gillette Stadium on a sunny day, fans and players walking around on the field

New England Patriots and New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium

If you’re a Boston sports fan, we probably don’t need to tell you why this place is significant. 自2002年建成以来, the New England Patriots and New England Revolution have considered Gillette Stadium their stomping grounds. 爱国者队在这60年的每一场主场比赛门票都卖光了,可容纳1000人的体育场,可容纳24个赛季(直到2017年), 使其成为波士顿地区访问量最大的场所之一.

赛前或赛后, 考虑花点时间探索爱国者广场, 露天购物中心毗邻体育场. 在那里, 粉丝们可以仔细阅读酒吧, 咖啡馆, 位置,看得我目瞪口呆, and retail stores before walking over to the stadium or heading home.

在这个购物中心, you’ll also find the Patriots Hall of Fame: an interactive museum dedicated to the team’s history and where the Patriots’ five Super Bowl trophies and multiple AFC Championship rings reside. 吉列体育场不向公众提供步行参观, so the Hall of Fame is one of the best ways to turn your visit into a learning experience. 提前打电话预订野外旅行套餐, and your students can learn about aspects of STEM through their favorite sports—from building NFL franchise team budgets to learning about the importance of nutrition for athletes.

Those planning to stop by for a Patriots game or a New England Revolution match should keep in mind that Gillette Stadium isn’t located in Boston, 但在福克斯堡. 所以如果你的粉丝团在波士顿市中心, 你得走30英里才能看到这一幕. You can take the T from South Station in Boston to Walpole—a few miles from the arena—but there are no direct lines to Gillette Stadium. If you’re traveling with a large group and don’t want to worry about driving, we recommend renting a 宪章总线 or 小型买球推荐软件app排名这样大家就可以一起舒适地到达. 买球推荐软件app排名 can even connect you with a bus rental that offers enough storage and amenities to make tailgates even more fun!

地址: 1爱国者实验室,马萨诸塞州福克斯伯勒02035

包租巴士停车场: Gillette Stadium offers bus parking in Lot 52, near the general parking area, for $150 per vehicle.



Whether you’re a 粉丝群 going to cheer on the Celtics or an afterschool group excited to tour baseball’s oldest stadium, your travels to your top Boston sports venues will be much easier with a bus rental! Let 买球推荐软件app排名 connect your fans to a clean and modern motorcoach, and rest easy knowing everyone will arrive right on time and all together, 无论如何.

给我们打电话 617-314-7577 whenever you’re ready to learn more about 宪章总线 rentals in Boston, and we’ll offer you a 免费和个性化报价 没有义务去预订!